When the weather is cold and miserable during the winter months, lots of people start looking ahead to the summer and planning their next holiday with their loved ones. Whilst holidays are usually associated with going abroad to exotic countries, it is becoming increasingly common for people to plan holidays here in the UK instead. 


More and more people are investing in touring caravans and booking pitches on campsites during the summer months, as well as other times of the year, and there are lots of benefits to holidaying in the Great British countryside. If you have been contemplating purchasing a touring caravan and you’re wondering why campsites have become the go-to holiday destination, below we have looked into what makes touring caravan campsites so popular these days. 


What are campsites?


Campsites are dedicated outdoor spaces that are used as a place to stay overnight in a caravan, motorhome, campervan or tent. Commonly campsites are divided up into a number of individual pitches where people can park their leisure vehicles and set up camp. People will choose to stay on campsites for different lengths of time and some campsites even have seasonal pitches where people can stay from March through to the following January. 


Some campsites have more to offer visitors than others and, generally speaking, the better the facilities at a campsite, the longer people will want to stay. Take Horam Manor Country Park, for example, with facilities such as; electric hook-ups, toilet and shower blocks, dishwashing areas, free WiFi, laundry facilities and a children’s play park, visitors can stay for weeks as they will have everything they need on-site. 


The benefits of staying on a campsite


There are a number of benefits to booking a pitch on a touring caravan campsite, whether this is for a couple of nights at the weekend or a couple of weeks during the summer months. Generally speaking, campsites are much more affordable than other accommodation options and you can usually book a pitch for around £35 per night. Once you have invested in a touring caravan, your weekend getaways and summer holidays will be very affordable. 


Campsites tend to be really well-located too and their countryside destination makes them perfect when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Horam Manor Country Park is located midst beautiful country fields in East Sussex and it is only a few minutes away from the famous Cuckoo Trail, so there are plenty of open spaces for you to explore whilst staying on the campsite. 


In addition to having a range of on-site facilities that you can use when staying on a campsite, the caravan pitches tend to be really spacious too. You will have room for not only your touring caravan but also your car and an awning if you’d like to put one up. Once you have set up on your touring pitch, you will have your own private space that you can enjoy during your stay. Even if you decide to spend the majority of your time on the campsite relaxing rather than venturing out into the local towns and villages, you will have the space you need to do so. 


Booking the best campsites in Sussex


All in all, it is fair to say that a touring caravan is a worthwhile investment and you can guarantee that you will have an amazing time when holidaying on a campsite. If you’re looking to book a pitch for your first getaway in your new caravan, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Horam Manor Country Park website today. 


Horam Manor Country Park is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, minutes away from the beautiful town of Horam, and it is an award-winning touring caravan campsite. We have welcomed guests to our holiday park since 1991 and we know first-hand just how much fun caravan holidays can be. Horam Manor Country Park is open 365 days a year, and it’s both family-friendly and pet-friendly, so you can bring the whole family with you when staying with us. If you have any questions about our campsite in Sussex, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.