When you need a break from day-to-day life, a caravan holiday is a perfect way to escape and relax for a few days. Spending some well earned time off in the tranquil countryside will soon have you feeling revitalised and you can have an unforgettable stay at a country park. 


If you’re new to owning a touring caravan or a motorhome, organising a holiday park getaway can sometimes be quite daunting, especially now there are an abundance of campsites here in the UK. To help you ensure you have the stress and hassle-free holiday that you’re in need of, below we have put together some top tips for booking a touring pitch. Whether you’re planning a family-friendly holiday or a couples getaway, these tips should be of assistance. 


Consider an off-peak season holiday 


Generally speaking, the busiest time of the year for caravan holidays is the summer months. It goes without saying that camping is most appealing when the sun is shining, but staying at a crowded holiday park isn’t everyone’s idea of a good holiday. 


Thankfully, lots of holiday parks are open 365 days a year and you don’t necessarily have to plan your trip for the summer. Off-peak holidays in the countryside can be lots of fun and you can still have an amazing time even if it isn’t quite as warm outside. Consider booking a spring, autumn or winter camping trip for a peaceful break.  


Think carefully about the location of the holiday park 


It is so important to ensure that you’re choosing the right holiday park for your getaway and the location of the park will play a huge role in this. Finding the right balance between being in the countryside and being close to a town centre is important. 


Staying at a leisure park that can provide you with the best of both worlds is really useful and this allows you to be immersed in nature but also enjoy what the local area has to offer. Take into consideration your hobbies and interests when choosing a holiday park to stay at too, you want to make sure there are lots of things to see and do nearby. 


Double-check what facilities are on-site 


To ensure you will have everything you could possibly need whilst you’re on holiday, try to stay at a holiday park with a range of facilities. Parks can differ quite considerably with what they offer on-site, so don’t forget to look at what’s available. 


When you’re staying in a caravan or motorhome, whilst you will have a kitchen and bathroom onboard, there are still a number of facilities that you will likely make use of. From laundry facilities and free WiFi to dog washing stations and children’s play parks, the facilities available won’t just help to make your holiday convenient, they can make it more enjoyable too. 


Don’t forget about check-in and check-out times 


Once you have found the perfect holiday park for your getaway, there are a few practical things to double-check and when you’re able to access your pitch is one of them. Different campsites have different check-in and check-out times. 


The last thing you want is to arrive at a holiday park excited to start your holiday and then not be able to set up for another couple of hours. So, always enquire about check-in times before you start planning your journey. It is worth looking at when you’ll have access to the park as well. For example, it isn’t uncommon for holiday parks to close their gates at 10:30 pm. 


Booking a holiday park in East Sussex


When it comes to organising a holiday park getaway, hopefully, the tips above will be useful and they will help you have the stress-free holiday that you’re hoping for. If you’re trying to find holiday parks in East Sussex to book, take a look at the rest of the Horam Manor Country Park website today to find out more about our tranquil leisure park. 


Horam Manor Country Park is set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty amidst the stunning countryside of East Sussex and it is the ideal holiday location for any type of trip. Situated minutes away from the beautiful town Horam and the famous Cuckoo Trail, there is something for everyone in the surrounding area and there are plenty of local attractions to explore. We pride ourselves on the quality of the facilities at our holiday park as well as our hospitality and you’re guaranteed an enjoyable stay when you choose Horam Manor Country Park.