If you’re booking a summer holiday or planning lots of weekends away throughout the year, camping is definitely worthwhile considering. There are so many advantages to spending more time in the great outdoors and there are lots of brilliant campsites in the UK. 


When you’re going camping, no matter whether you have a caravan, motorhome or tent, it is important to make sure you book the right pitch for your holiday. Choosing a good pitch will help to ensure you have a comfortable stay and you’re not going without anything you need during the trip. To help you narrow down the different options offered by campsites, we have listed some of the most important things to consider when choosing a pitch. 


Whether you’d like a grass pitch or a hardstanding pitch


The best campsites will have both grass and hardstanding pitches available to book, and there are advantages to both of these options. Generally speaking, most people with tents will choose grass pitches as these tend to be the most comfortable for them, whereas hardstanding pitches are a popular choice amongst motorhome owners who will come and go during their stay. Look into both of these options in more detail and think about which would be best suited to the type of holiday you’re planning. 


How much space you’re going to need


Not all campsites will have the same sized pitches and you may find there are different sizes available to book throughout the campsite. It is important to make sure the pitch you book is big enough for your requirements and ideally, even if you put up an awning or a canopy, you will still have space to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. For example, at Horam Manor Country Park, we have large pitches that are 11m x 11m, so you will have all of the space you need to be able to enjoy your stay. 


What additional costs you may encounter 


Commonly, in addition to the standard price per night, campsites will have a few additional costs to be aware of. You will often have to pay extra for things such as; additional guests, extra cars, gazebos, pets and day visitors. It’s worth noting that sometimes hardstanding pitches can be more expensive than grass pitches too. When you’re choosing your pitch, it is beneficial to add up any costs you’re likely to encounter to make sure your holiday is still budget-friendly. You should be able to find information about additional costs on a campsite’s website. 


Whether you need electric hook up 


The majority of campsites will offer basic pitches and premium pitches. Their premium pitches will include electric hook up, enabling you to use electricity as and when you wish during your stay. Often, electric hook up will cost you around £5 per night and many find it really beneficial to have. Take some time to consider whether you would like to have electric hook up for your holiday or whether you’re happy to go without it. 


How long you plan on staying at the campsite


Depending on how frequently you plan on visiting a campsite, you might find it’s more beneficial to book a seasonal pitch rather than a standard touring pitch. Seasonal pitches are available to use from March to January and you can leave your camp set up during this time, whether you’re staying on-site or not. This can be a really convenient and cost-effective way to have lots of holidays throughout the year, and if a campsite has plenty of facilities for you to use, you will enjoy returning to your pitch time and time again. 


Searching for the best campsites in Sussex?


Hopefully, the information above will help you choose the best pitch for your upcoming holiday. You may find that each time you go away, you have different needs, so refer back to these factors to ensure your pitch is always suitable for your trips. If you’re trying to find the best campsites in Sussex to visit, be sure to browse through the rest of the Horam Manor Country Park website today. 


Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Horam Manor Country Park is a tranquil campsite in East Sussex surrounded by fishing lakes and woodlands. The park is both family-friendly and dog-friendly, and it offers a range of different types of pitches. When staying at Horam Manor Country Park, you will be minutes away from the town of Horam and not far from the famous Cuckoo Trail, so you will have plenty to do during your visit and it really is the perfect holiday destination to create lasting memories.