When you first purchase a touring caravan, you might hear other seasoned campers talking about special types of pitches called ‘seasonal pitches’. These pitches differ from standard touring pitches and they are a very popular choice amongst people who like to spend a lot of time in their caravan throughout the year. 


Simply put, seasonal pitches are pitches on a holiday park that are designed for people to leave their touring caravans on for months at a time. Often, you can use a seasonal pitch from the beginning of March through to the end of October, and it will become your own permanent space on the leisure park for this time. If you’re keen to learn more about seasonal pitches, here are some of the biggest benefits of this particular type of pitch. 


Reduce the amount of towing you have to do 


It isn’t uncommon for people not to like towing a caravan and being able to cut down the amount of towing you have to do is really advantageous. When you have a seasonal pitch, you will only have to tow your caravan twice, once in March when you arrive on-site and once in January of the next year when you leave the site. So, when you have arrived at your seasonal pitch, you then won’t have any of the hassle associated with towing whenever you want to go on holiday. 


Leave your campsite set up, ready to enjoy 


One of the biggest benefits of a seasonal pitch is that you won’t have to worry about unpacking and setting up camp multiple times during the year. You can leave your caravan set up on-site for many months, so you will simply be able to turn up to the holiday park and start enjoying yourself straight away. Removing the tasks of unpacking and packing up from your holiday will give you much more time to relax and unwind. You will be able to enjoy all events on-site throughout the year without extra costs too, guaranteeing an unforgettable time. 


In addition to leaving your touring caravan on-site, you can also leave a number of items in your caravan too. From clothes to non-perishable foods, keeping your caravan stocked up throughout the year will enable you to spontaneously go on holiday whenever you want to. You can leave things on the holiday park in confidence knowing that your caravan and its contents will be protected by 24hour CCTV security too. 


Always have somewhere to stay 


You won’t have the stress of finding a holiday park with pitches available during the busy summer months when you have a seasonal pitch. You will always have somewhere to stay when you want a break from day-to-day life and you can avoid trying to book last-minute pitches altogether. Whenever you feel like going on holiday, you can simply get in your car and head to the holiday park, it really couldn’t be easier. 


Save money on your annual holidays 


Seasonal pitches are one fixed price for the months you’re allowed to keep your caravan on-site and you can visit the holiday park whenever you want to at no additional cost. This set price means you won’t have to pay more for holidays in the summer months or bank-holiday getaways, for example, and it’s a really cost-effective way to enjoy numerous holidays throughout the year. If you use your caravan quite frequently, it is likely that you will end up saving money when you book a seasonal pitch. 


Finding holiday parks in East Sussex


If you’re considering booking a seasonal pitch this year and you’re trying to find a holiday park in East Sussex to stay at, Horam Manor Country Park is definitely worth considering. Our award-winning leisure park is surrounded by tranquil fishing lakes and it’s ideal for both family and dog-friendly holidays. We are very proud of our outstanding hospitality and service levels, and we can assure you that when you stay with us, excellence is not merely a promise, it’s a guarantee. Horam Manor Country Park is the perfect place to make new memories with your loved ones this year, so feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our seasonal pitches.